It’s Time for a Patient Matching Revolution

Powered by cutting-edge referential matching technology and built for the cloud, Verato products take master person indexing to the next level.

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We offer a cloud-based master person index, as well as a plug-in for other applications that makes them better — so you never have to settle for subpar person data.


A SaaS Master Person Index That Delivers Unprecedented Results

Verato Universal™ MPI is a cloud-based master person index service that lets you gain a complete, 360° view of data about each patient. It is nimble — simple to implement, easy to operate, and integrated using modern APIs. It is accurate: powered by our referential matching technology. And it is secure: HITRUST-certified and HIPAA compliant.


A Powerful Plug-In for Other Applications

Verato Auto-Steward™ is a cloud-based plug-in that dramatically improves the patient matching of other applications, without disrupting these systems or your processes. It seamlessly integrates with solutions like Epic®, Cerner®, and IBM® Initiate to proactively find and automatically resolve duplicate records and improve data integrity.

How Verato Referential Matching Works

person data icon

Verato curates a database of demographic data

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Then applies science like algorithms and machine learning

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This makes an “answer key” that drastically improves identity matching outcomes

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