Verato Universal Identity platform

The only cloud-native identity platform for complete and trusted patient, provider, employee and consumer information.

Healthcare digital transformation is now.

Patients rely on digital resources when choosing and interacting with providers. Scarce resources spend time on unwarranted care tasks. Organizations look to increase wellness and population health with Social Determinates of Health (SDOH).


Current solutions are siloed

Faced with a proliferation of data and systems, healthcare organizations have now invested  in a new layer of technology solutions. Unfortunately, even these systems have been developed in a way that is siloed and disconnected.


Verato Universal Identity platform

Whether you are focused on managing patient data, consumer data, or provider data, the Verato Universal Identity platform can resolve identities and match people to their data with the highest accuracy rates in the industry. 


Verato Patient Journey

The gold standard in patient matching technology.

Every step on every healthcare journey begins and ends with identity data.  Yet disconnected patient data often leads to poor patient outcomes, lost revenue, and missed opportunities to close gaps in care.

Identify individuals within their populations and know exactly where they are within their healthcare journey by linking the patient data from all your systems and other key demographic information sources. 


Verato Provider Data Management

Accessing a complete picture of all your providers across your enterprise is essential to making informed strategic and operational decisions.  Yet as your organization and provider network grows, it can be more difficult to keep track of who is who.

Resolve identities of all types of providers in your network to better tackle your digital initiatives, from the digital front door to system consolidation to building a data warehouse. Use complete and trusted data to make better decisions, power better workflows, and run better analytics.

Trusted by leaders and innovators

More than 70 of the most trusted brands in healthcare use Verato as the single source of truth for identity that provides a complete and trusted 360-degree view of their customers, providers, and employees.

Patient Identity: Knowing who is who™ solves top 3 organizational challenges in healthcare

As healthcare executives continue to focus on strategic priorities, it’s important to understand why advanced identification and matching can help drive forward operational goals and organizational success.