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Data Sheet: Crawl, Walk, Run

Learn about real-world successes that three large healthcare organizations have seen with Referential Matching.

Patient matching is at the forefront of the national Health IT conversation and it’s no secret that a new approach to patient matching is sorely needed. Luckily, a next-generation patient matching approach exists that organizations can leverage in three simple steps to dramatically improve their patient matching.

  1. One organization “crawled” by using Referential Matching to discover how many duplicates its existing MPI solution had
  2. A second organization “walked” by using Referential Matching to automatically resolve the toughest matches its existing MPI solution couldn’t resolve
  3. A third organization “ran” by deploying a SaaS-based MPI solution in just 4 months that leveraged a Referential Matching approach that was pre-tuned to its unique patient population