Healthcare leaders: Harness the power of MDM

In this webinar, we will address what healthcare needs from master data management (and what it doesn’t), where we will explore the nuances of MDM implementation in healthcare and what mistakes to avoid.

With the explosive growth of patient and provider data sources available to power smarter growth, better care, and actionable insights, managing master data has become a critical part of healthcare operations. However, many healthcare organizations struggle with implementing a successful MDM program that drives business value.

Our panel of experts will offer valuable insights into the best practices and strategies required for success and discuss:

  • The challenges faced by healthcare organizations in master data management
  • The essential elements of a successful MDM program for healthcare organizations
  • Real-world examples of MDM implementations in healthcare
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when implementing MDM

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to implement a successful MDM program in healthcare. Watch now!


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