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Video: Identity Resolution for Health and Human Services


How to resolve identities in Health and Human Services now

Data for each person lives scattered across the enterprise, in a fragmented set of records that are difficult to align for a whole host of reasons. This makes it challenging for HHS organizations to service the people in their states and communities. You need to know people well in order to understand their needs, match them to eligible services, and track them in their journeys.

It has never been more important to link a person’s immunization records to incoming disease surveillance cases, or link cases to chronic disease registries.

Listen to this video to gain clarity on the challenges that need to be addressed and hear how Verato, the identity experts for healthcare and government, solve the problem that drives everything else: knowing who is who™.

Hear Sara Herdman, Verato VP Brand Strategy, walk through the what, why and how to solving identity challenges across multiple systems and follow people in various stages of their healthcare journey.

Our speaker:

Sara Herdman
VP Brand Strategy