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Becker’s & Verato webinar: Achieving digital transformation & interoperability through identity data management

Arizona-based Sonora Quest Laboratories, one of the nation’s largest integrated laboratory systems, embarked on a journey to establish comprehensive longitudinal patient records for millions of people.

With the goal of facilitating greater interoperability and a more streamlined care experience, Sonora Quest worked to reconcile patient records across siloed internal and external systems. The goal was to synchronize the information and create a complete and accurate view of each patient.

Hear about the unique challenges of initiating the project in a complex, large-scale laboratory environment, how implementation was achieved, and the resulting impact on Sonora Quest’s ability to drive more accurate and streamlined care. 

  • The unique challenges of data and identity management for a large lab system vs. a health system or payer organization
  • Criteria and recommendations for selecting an identity data management vendor
  • The complexities and duration of the Sonora Quest implementation, including common challenges
  • Best practices and lessons learned