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White Paper: Improving Patient Matching with a Simple Plug-in

Verato® Auto-Steward™ is a cloud-based plug-in that injects the power of Referential Matching into your EHR or EMPI.


  • Instantly and dramatically improve your EHR’s or EMPI’s patient matching without disrupting its core functionality.
  • Get the full value from your EHR or EMPI investment and increase patient satisfaction and safety.

The survey discussed in the paper found that 35% of all denied claims were a result of poor patient matching, costing the average hospital $2.5 million annually and the healthcare industry $6.7 billion annually. A different study is not as optimistic, asserting that patient misidentification costs the average hospital over $17.4 million annually in denied claims. Download the paper to learn more including how you can improve your results with better matching.