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Webinar: Buy vs Build: What to Know When Evaluating Person Matching Options for Healthcare Technology

The growing number of patient and consumer applications used in healthcare today is highlighting the need for an aggregated, 360-degree view of each person’s data. Yet identifying, matching, and maintaining an individual’s identity along the healthcare journey is a complex challenge and is only getting more difficult. Many healthcare organizations have identified the need for identity matching as a foundational component of their technology strategy. But deciding on the best path forward can be overwhelming. 

In this webinar, our experts examine:

  • Key considerations when evaluating identity matching solutions  
  • The requirements and costs of developing a healthcare Master Person Index (MPI) 
  • How to know which option is best for your organization

This session features:

  • JP Lugo, Solution Architect, Verato
  • Nick Orser, Solution Architect, Verato