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Healthcare data management in 2023:
5 ways to get results

Tips to gain control of your healthcare
data management in 2023

Healthcare data management is a critical priority for CIOs in 2023.
87% believe identity is critical to solving their strategic initiatives.

Hear Verato data management and identity experts, Dr. George Gellert,
Medical Advisor and Sara Herdman, VP of Product Marketing, for an
informative discussion on the state of healthcare data management.


On this webinar, we will discuss 5 considerations and benchmarks to consider when solving CIO data and identity challenges:

  • As your customer base grows, so does the complexity of identity management
  • Market consolidation and new digital health technologies are increasing downstream challenges for data management
  • Poor healthcare data management has real consequences for your bottom line
  • You are spending more time than you think on resolving fragmented patient data
  • Provider data management is a huge challenge for most payer and provider organizations