Webinar: How Poor Patient Matching Impedes Innovation

About this webinar:

Accurate patient matching has suddenly become a national imperative—both The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Government Accountability Office recently released landmark reports on the subject after years of research. Why has it suddenly claimed the spotlight? Because inaccurate patient matching is rampant—and is one of the greatest obstacles to interoperability, information exchange, value-based care, and innovation.

Yet today’s patient matching technologies are failing, leading to skyrocketing rates of duplicate medical records, a third of claims denials, prolonged EHR deployments, and inefficient M&A activity. Most critically, today’s patient matching technologies are impeding innovation at health systems across the country.

Join Todd Stottlemyer, CEO of CNSI and former CEO of Inova Health System’s Center for Personalized Health, and Mark LaRow, CEO of Verato, as they discuss how patient matching challenges present barriers to innovation—and what new patient matching technologies can help you overcome these barriers.