Next-Generation Person Matching & Identity Resolution for Public Health

Verato connects person data from any source to meet today’s demands and prepares you to scale for whatever comes next. Our identity solutions can help with a variety of data-driven use cases including contact tracing, analytics, vaccine registries and information sharing.


Verato Provides a Complete and Trusted Picture of People

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, 80% of tests were missing crucial demographic information. Verato helps you close these gaps in demographic information and connect records to help with key initiatives such as contact tracing and vaccine distribution.

“83% of public health organizations say they experience patient identity challenges.”

eHealth Initiative Survey

Why Public Health Chooses Verato

Verato fits into your environment to quickly and securely improve identity resolution.
Reveal Trusted Insights
Achieving an accurate identity picture gives you the confidence to act on insights drawn from analytics, such as seeing if results of efforts result in equity.
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Fill Information Gaps
Verato’s identity data services connect disparate records and serves as an answer key for missing demographic information such as: age, race, ethnicity and gender
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Link Person Data
Fighting COVID-19 and other public health emergencies in the future requires person data that is error-free and reliably linked. Verato helps health departments manage person data across multiple sources
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Integrate Easily
A native, cloud-based solution, Verato integrates with leading platforms and legacy systems to improve person data management. Learn how our modern APIs support fast interoperability.
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verato providers testimonial

Verato is enabling us to harness this data to help drive better patient care outcomes and lower costs across the state of Colorado.

Morgan Honea, CEO, CORHIO


“We were drawn to [Verato UMPI] not just because of the accuracy of its Referential Matching approach, but also by how quickly and easily it can be plugged into our existing infrastructure.”

Chief Information Officer, Large Specialty Care Organization


“Partnering with Verato augments our existing patient matching capabilities… to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.”

Valerie Grey, Executive Director, NYeC


“[Verato] ensures that health data is being correctly linked to the medical records for the millions of patients across our health information exchanges.”

Phyllis D. Szymanski, Director, ClinicalConnect HIE


“With Verato, we were able to decrease the number of records that were similar, but not close enough to be joined, by nearly 50%.”

Michael Berger, Chief Information Officer, CRISP