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Are you prepared to meet requirements of information blocking rules?

Healthcare organizations have invested effort and resources into meeting the requirements of the
Cures Act, including information blocking.
Yet this survey of healthcare executives reveals only 36% of healthcare organizations are prepared to
meet these requirements. Verato can help.

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Why is it important to avoid information blocking in healthcare?

Failure to successfully ingest, match, retrieve, and use patient data from a diverse set of sources threatens to negatively impact overall patient care, outcomes, and your organization’s ability to survive and thrive. Under recent HHS rules, it also puts your organization at risk of non-compliance and even financial penalties.

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What is information blocking?

Information blocking refers to actions that interfere with the access, exchange, or use of electronic health information (EHI) when needed for patient care. It applies to healthcare providers, health IT developers, and health information exchanges (HIEs). In October 2023, HHS published a proposed rule establishing disincentives for healthcare providers who are found to have engaged in information blocking.

What should organizations do to prepare, and to avoid non-compliance?


Establish a clear governance structure, and set up a dedicated project team to plan for and oversee compliance with information blocking rules.


Build a compliance plan to meet all aspects of information blocking rules, including ownership and timelines for all necessary steps.


Define processes for effectively and efficiently answering incoming EHI requests, making outgoing EHI requests, and receiving information from third parties in response to outgoing requests.


Identify staff responsible for monitoring/auditing the organization’s incoming and outgoing EHI requests.


Identify all systems that contain information required to satisfy incoming EHI requests.


Build infrastructure to support identity data management that access, share, exchange, and use health information between EHRs and other systems containing data subject to information blocking rules.

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Verato hMDM can help you confidently comply with information blocking rules

Information blocking rules require healthcare organizations to ingest, match, retrieve, and use patient data from a diverse, often siloed, set of sources—and to do it all accurately and on tight timelines. Learn how Verato hMDM, the industry’s only end-to-end identity data management solution, is foundational to building and sharing a complete and trusted set of data for patients and members.

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