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Overcoming Record Matching and Person Identity Challenges in the Modern Medicaid Enterprise with Enterprise-wide Identity Resolution

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Overcoming challenges in the modern Medicaid Enterprise with identity resolution

As states expand and update their Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES) it is time to update the enterprise-wide identity resolution system or master person index (MPI) to ensure that records both within the MES and from outside departments and partners are accurately linked in order to see the whole person.  A modern Medicaid ecosystem needs an industry-leading identity resolution solution. The best solution combines the world-class match accuracy and stewardship experience of an enterprise master person index (EMPI) with the advanced data management and analytics features of a master data management (MDM) solution.  Accurately matching member records is vital to ensure you are prepared for challenges facing states and their Medicaid populations, both today and in the future. 

Ecosystem-wide benefits  

Including enterprise-wide identity resolution in your MES ecosystem will allow you to realize benefits within your systems, across departments, and throughout the entire health ecosystem.  

  • Finally know every program and system that a person has interacted with across your ecosystem, both now and in the past. 
  • Monitor for fraud, waste, and abuse enterprise-wide by flagging bad actors and watching if they return, even if they reapply with different demographics (new address/ phone or married/maiden name) or to a different program.  
  • Improve data integrity and downstream analytics and reporting by delivering more complete and accurate data about each person. Fragmented data can undermine all data-driven initiatives: missed links across the enterprise and unresolved duplicate records within systems undermine data integrity and skew downstream analytics and reporting.   
  • Accurately share information and unlock new insights within your ecosystem, across departments, and with external partners. 
  • Identify participants, in real-time, as they reapply to programs and take action to ensure a smooth return to services.   
  • Streamline enrollment to multiple programs to help applicants receive all assistance for which they are eligible. 
  • Accurately link public health and other systems to assistance programs to gain new insights like vaccination rates of Medicaid and CHIP participants. 

A proven solution  

Verato has been working with innovative health and human services agencies for almost a decade.  Today, the Verato Universal Identity™ platform spans the nation, helping over a dozen states and counties finally see the whole picture by linking and matching records across their ecosystems.   

How customers are using Verato today 

Here are a few examples of how state and local governments are using Verato to solve the problem that drives everything else — knowing who is who™:    

  • A gulf-coast state is deploying Verato to link clinical data to Medicaid and other human services. 
  • A Pacific Northwest state turned to Verato for help very early in the pandemic to improve its pandemic-related response and is now expanding into other Medicaid and human services use cases. 
  • A western-mountain state worked with Verato and the state HIE to link records for its citizens and found nearly 17,000 kids who were missing out on support services that they were eligible for.  
  • One of the largest counties in Virginia and one of the largest counties in California each utilize Verato’s platform to link public health and human services records together. 
  • In a large Mid-Atlantic state, Verato is helping link person records across all the public health systems and the state plans to expand to Medicaid and human services use cases in the near future. 

As you continue to modernize your Medicaid ecosystem, ensure that it is built on a solid foundation with enterprise-wide identity resolution at its core.  Incorporating an industry-leading identity resolution solution is vital to ensure you see the whole person, have actionable insights, and are prepared for the future.  

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