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EHR “More-On” Bandwagon vs. “More Done” EMPI Approach

Thought Leadership

In my experience, legacy EHR systems tend to become what I affectionately refer to as “more-on” systems. Not that they are dumb by any means, but because they keep adding more capabilities on. As users adopt, learn, and become comfortable with existing capabilities, they find new ways these systems could work for them. As a result, users request new features. Instead of a disruptive rearchitecting or re-engineering effort, EHR vendors tend to bolt-on these features or modules — adding “more-on.” In many ways, it’s an admirable user-centric strategy.

But it also has an adverse side effect: these bolted-on modules result in healthcare organizations’ deep financial commitment to a single vendor – and feeling a little stuck. Those that may prefer best of breed offerings find themselves constrained to a simple-seeming add-on with limited functionality and scalability.

EHRs do their core competencies exceptionally well. I have spent many years working with them and certainly believe in their purpose. I am also, however, continually impressed by the innovation that lies just on the edge of those capabilities. I advise healthcare organizations in search of innovation to do just that – look at the edges of the EHR’s core capabilities if you are in search of an opportunity for disruptive growth.

You may be surprised to hear this, but Enterprise Master Person Index is one such innovative technology. The newest class of Enterprise Master Person Index is indeed an innovation at the edges of an EHR.

Sure, EMPI used to be a commodity. And sure, EHRs will say their EMPI is just fine. But mastering patient data is more important than ever, the requirements are more dynamic than ever, and there are now ways to tackle this problem while reducing the HIM administrative burden and, simultaneously, experiencing success in the cloud.

As health systems match more data sources than ever before for consumers with higher expectations than ever before, it is an area rife for disruptive change and growth. A cloud based MPI that acts as identity resolution across the entire enterprise, not just the EHR or for any single system, could be the quick win your organization needs.

Don’t leave the critical task of accurately matching your patient records to some after-thought bolt-on from your EHR vendor.  Your organization, your HIM department and, most importantly, your patients deserve the best matching available. 

I’d love to tell you more about the work we are doing with leading health systems and help you get more done!