Verato Universal® MPI: Cloud-Based EMPI

Ranked the number one enterprise master person index (EMPI) by Black Book Research, Verato Universal MPI helps you transform care quality and deliver exceptional patient experiences by giving you a complete picture of data for each of your patients.

What Makes Verato Universal® MPI Different?

Verato Universal MPI uses referential matching to deliver a quantum leap improvement in identity matching accuracy. Plus, it offers the scalability, security, and simplicity of a SaaS solution built for the cloud, so you can deploy it rapidly to support any initiative. Our deep expertise in identity resolution and healthcare and our unparalleled Customer Success Plan mean our customers see real results, fast.


Industry-Leading Accuracy

Verato pioneered Referential Matching technology to achieve industry leading and independently verified identity matching accuracy — head and shoulders more accurate than legacy approaches.


Cloud-Native SaaS

Verato is born in the cloud to achieve unparalleled flexibility, performance, and ease of deployment — to power use cases for the future of healthcare that were never possible with other solutions.


Customer Obsessed

Verato is obsessed with the success of our customers — one of the reasons we have 99% customer retention and are in the 99th percentile industry benchmark for Net Promoter Score.

“We were drawn to Verato Universal MPI not just because of the accuracy of its referential matching technology, but also by how quickly and easily it can be plugged into our existing infrastructure.”

Martin Howard,Chief Information Officer, Axia Women’s Health

How Verato Referential Matching Works

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Then applies science like algorithms and machine learning

Verato curates a database of demographic data

This makes an “answer key” that drastically improves identity matching outcomes

Then applies science like algorithms and machine learning

Verato curates a database of demographic data

This makes an “answer key” that drastically improves identity matching outcomes

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The Benefits of Verato Universal MPI

You are facing an explosion of data about your patients — and from many new and disparate sources. You must ensure all of this data is associated with the right patient to improve outcomes, move faster than ever before, and raise the bar on patient expectations.
Improve Patient Safety
Matching patients to their data is essential to preventing medical errors. With Universal MPI, you can advance patient safety by providing clinicians with more complete care histories.
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Reveal Trusted Insights
Universal MPI enables you to achieve an accurate patient picture, providing confidence to act on the insights you draw from analytics around quality, efficiency, and consumerism.
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Accelerate M&A
As you undergo M&A activity, Universal MPI can rapidly identify overlapping patients and efficiently consolidate applications.
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Optimize Revenue Cycle Operations
Universal MPI proactively finds and prevents duplicate records — curbing costs associated with manual clean-up, accelerating reimbursement, and avoiding gaps in medical records.
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Create Better Experiences
Patients expect data transparency and convenience. Universal MPI gives you the data accuracy you need to deliver exceptional experiences.
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Scale With Growth
If you’re a healthcare technology vendor, join Powered by Verato to take advantage of a patient matching service that grows with you — in cost and performance.
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Per Inpatient Stay
Operational Costs
Denied Claims
Hours Manual Labor

Reclaim the Costs of Incomplete and Inaccurate Data

Inaccurate patient records cost hospitals millions of dollars in labor, denied claims, and redundant tests and procedures — even hospitals that have invested in best-in-class enterprise master patient index (EMPI) tools. Deploy Verato Universal MPI to reclaim the costs of inaccurate data and to power initiatives where your current EMPI fails to meet requirements.


“We originally looked at Verato as an EMPI for our EDW, but we’re finding it has flexibility far beyond that use case, which allows us to be nimble across our initiatives.” 

Vice President, Data Integration,

a major Health Organization in the Southwest


“Verato Universal MPI perfectly fits into our vision. It checks all the boxes: better performance, better security, better matching, and lower future cost.”

Todd Rogow,

CEO and President, Healthix


“Verato’s next-generation approach solves the matching challenges associated with our unique patient population.”

Genaro Garza,

Director of IT, RGV HIE


“Verato’s innovative approach to patient identity resolution delivers greater accuracy and ease.” 

Geremy Gersh,

Vice President of Information Technology, GRIPA


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What We’ll Cover:

  • What makes our matching technology different
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  • Options and integrations
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