Genevieve Morris to Work with Verato as Strategic Advisor

MCLEAN, Va., February 20, 2019 — Verato, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based patient matching and master patient index services, is excited to announce that Genevieve Morris, former Principal Deputy National Coordinator at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), will be working with Verato as a Strategic Advisor. Genevieve brings extensive knowledge of—and years of hands-on experience with—the patient matching challenges faced by healthcare organizations; the existing approaches used for patient matching, including technologies, standards, and process improvements; the limitations of these approaches; and the policies focused on improving patient matching in an environment of greater data liquidity. This unique combination will help Verato bring Referential Matching—the only major innovation in patient matching technology over the past 20 years—to the forefront of the national dialogue of patient matching.

We are at a critical juncture in healthcare where more patient data will be flowing across more sources and more enterprises. While this represents exciting advances in interoperability, conventional patient matching technologies will simply not succeed at this scale, and will in fact begin to degrade exponentially as the number of data sources and volume of data exchange both continue to rapidly increase. Ultimately, the success of any information exchange networks—including any at a national scale—will have to be powered by Referential Matching technology.

Ms. Morris has a long history in the interoperability space and particularly with patient matching. She was the primary author and project lead on the 2014 ONC Patient Matching Report, and she helped develop the Patient Demographic Data Quality (PDDQ) Framework, a tool that helps organizations improve their demographic data quality to improve patient matching (both projects were completed while Ms. Morris was at Audacious Inquiry). Additionally, as the Principal Deputy National Coordinator, Ms. Morris led the development of the Draft Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement to facilitate nationwide sharing of data via health information networks.

“Accurate matching of patient data is pivotal, underpinning infrastructure necessary to support interoperability and data liquidity, particularly at a national scale,” said Ms. Morris. “I’m passionate about ensuring patient data is correctly matched across the entire ecosystem and am excited to be working with Verato who is on the cutting edge of patient matching techniques. I look forward to working with Verato to bring their Referential Matching technology to the forefront of patient matching conversations and working with them to solve one of our industry’s hardest challenges.”

About Verato
Verato enables healthcare organizations to manage, match, and link their patient and member data with unprecedented ease, accuracy, scale, and performance—and at the lowest cost. Verato offers two cloud-based services: the Verato Universal™ MPI, a HITRUST-certified SaaS solution that represents the new best-in-class EMPI, and Verato Auto-Steward™, a powerful plug-in for EHR and EMPI systems that automatically finds and resolves their duplicate records. Both services use smart Referential Matching technology to match and link patient and member data with the highest accuracy rates in the industry. Verato is based in McLean, VA. To learn more, visit