Reimagine Your
Healthcare Data Management

Healthcare has specific data management needs.
Solve your complexities with the industry’s
first hMDM platform, purposefully built for healthcare. Know who is who™ among your patients, members, providers and consumers.

“If we mess this up, what’s the point in everything else we're doing?"

HIMSS TV talks with Aaron Miri, SVP & CDIO and Melanie Husk, SVP & CCO from Baptist Health on identity.

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Top priorities rely on accurate identity - it’s the foundation that powers success.

Identity Being the Foundation that Propels Growth, Quality & Insights

PODCAST: Joaquim Neto, Verato Chief Product Officer, sits down with Scott Becker, Becker’s Healthcare to discuss Verato’s recent launch of the hMDM platform to manage and resolve data among multiple systems across your organization for patients, providers, consumers and more.

Reimagining Master Data Management for Healthcare

BLOG: Data management for healthcare has certain requirements and needs that a generic MDM platform can only fulfill with extensive tuning and custom implementation. hMDM is master data management redesigned for healthcare organizations across the care continuum to meet their specific business needs out of the box.

Cover all of Your Enterprise Identity Needs

DATA SHEET: Whether smarter growth, better care, or population health is your priority, you need to get identity right from the start to power your most important initiatives. The Verato Universal Identity™ platform introduces the industry’s first hMDM, the next generation MDM for healthcare, to enable a complete and trusted single source of truth for consumer, patient, and provider identity.

The Industry’s First hMDM Platform in Action

DEMO WEBINAR: In this webinar, we will walk you through the key features of the platform and how to best leverage it for your growing identity needs. Learn how identities must be resolved, managed, and enriched to empower better care and smarter growth.

Why healthcare needs an identity platform

WEBINAR: The amount of data that we’re generating in healthcare is doubling every two years. The question is, how do we leverage that data – provider, provider health systems, payers, life sciences, HIEs, and public health – to deliver better care and better outcomes? Verato leaders discuss the need for redesigning data management and why accurate identity is the foundation to achieve strategic initiatives.