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Now is the time to switch from your antiquated MDM solution.

Discover the future of healthcare data management as IBM discontinues support for a version of IBM® Initiate®. Transition seamlessly in a mere 54 days to the revolutionary next-generation MDM, designed specifically for healthcare. Experience unrivaled accuracy and a unified source of truth for identity.

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Healthcare's first hMDM

The Verato Universal Identity™ platform introduces the industry’s first hMDM, the next generation MDM for healthcare organizations, to enable a complete and trusted single source of truth for consumer, patient, and provider identity.

Our cloud-native hMDM platform leverages an unparalleled nationwide dataset and AI technology to resolve, manage, and enrich healthcare identities for people and organizations. The most respected brands in healthcare trust Verato to deliver fast time-to-value and extraordinary customer success and satisfaction.

The Verato advantage

Cloud-based SaaS

Verato takes care of everything including security, technology, maintenance, connectivity, speed, and customer support staff. With Legacy MDM, you must stand up the solution, purchase support software and hardware, provide for testing, and staffing resources yourself.

Cloud-Native SaaS


Verato solutions are fully cloud-native. They provide you with seamless upgrades and a platform that grows with you. There is no sunsetting with Verato Universal Identity. Legacy MDM solutions require continuous upgrade investments and provide no support as their products reach their end-of-life timeline.

Built for Healthcare


The Verato Universal Identity platform is built and supported by a team of identity experts who have built their careers from the ground up in MDM solutions, including 150+ years of combined IBM expertise. This team analyses your performance and can help you grow. There are no outside counsels or consultants included in the one-time price. With legacy MDM solutions, the onboarding team is outsourced and not part of the core team. This results in an expensive onboarding that is billed by the hour, leading to unknown costs.

Customer Success Plan

Financial savings

Verato Universal Identity requires a one-time plug and play onboarding and data migration with no resources needed from you. With legacy MDM solutions, continual upgrades can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $1,000,000 with 6-7 months of downtime for each upgrade, and two to four members of your staff will be needed for each upgrade (these figures may be even higher with unpredictable expansion costs).

Customer Praise

Implementation is fast and easy

Built natively in the cloud, our identity resolution platform deploys in weeks, quickly integrates with your data sources using modern APIs, seamlessly scales to your needs, and requires no maintenance.

54 day migration

Evaluating alternatives for your antiquated MDM solution?

Yesterday’s legacy MDM doesn't have the healthcare-specific capabilities and scale to fully integrate today’s digital health offering. It may be time to migrate to a cloud-based, next generation MDM built for healthcare. Here's your checklist of what to consider when changing MDM solutions - read our new ebook “Migrating from a Legacy MDM: five pitfalls to avoid when upgrading”.

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