Improve Analytics, Experience, & Safety with Easy-to-Access Patient Identity Resolution Services

The effectiveness of your product suite requires a complete view of patients’ medical histories. Join other healthcare innovators, and leverage the power of Verato’s SaaS-based identity resolution services while staying focused on your mission and technology. 


An Accurate, Scalable, Low-Maintenance MPI is Vital for Your Solution

Identity resolution is at the core of patient-centric healthcare technology solutions. Protect your technology, customers, and patients with better patient matching that is easy to implement and scales as you grow.

“Health care organizations and their technology vendors continue to implement varying patient matching processes and technology. This lack of commonality poses a threat to patient safety and organizational efficiency.”

Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

Why Health Technology Companies Choose Verato

Save time, money, and resources by plugging into Verato’s cloud-based solution  — avoid the cost of building your own master person index or implementing an inflexible identity resolution solution.
Deploy in Weeks
Simply plug in to RESTful APIs that are well documented and optimized for developer-driven implementation.
Priced for Scalability
Our subscription-based pricing model scales as you do, and we have options that include advisory services. 
Join an Innovative Ecosystem Network
We partner with leaders across healthcare — join the ranks with top providers, health plans, HIEs, and other vendors like you.
Leverage Our Experience
We invest in data science and engineering to solve identity problems unique to healthcare — so you don’t have to.

“The Verato Universal MPI is the cutting-edge technology we need to ensure we elevate our proprietary technology platform without adding undue costs or effort.”

Glen J. Golemi,

President & CEO, eQHealth Solutions


“Successfully disrupting healthcare by empowering consumers all over the world takes strategic partnerships with industry innovators that can handle our scale and need for security. After reviewing a variety of options, we feel that the Verato team is best able to respond to our growth and unique client demands.”

Jeff Zucker,

CEO, ADVault