AHIMA16 – Stop Cleaning Your Identity Data! Achieve Interoperability of Patient Information Despite Dirty and Out-of-Date Data

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Healthcare organizations face significant challenges in achieving interoperability of patient information across providers, leading to incomplete views of patient’s medical histories and undermining patient safety and satisfaction. Many of these challenges arise from an inability to match patient identities across organizations—meaning it is difficult for two organizations to know whether they are exchanging information about the same person. In fact, CHIME estimates that there is a 50-60% error rate in identifying the same patient across organizations.

Current patient matching technologies like EHRs, Enterprise Master Patient Indexes (EMPIs), and Master Data Management (MDM) technologies struggle with cross-organizational matching because of low quality patient demographic data within patient records: patients’ names and addresses frequently change, birthdates and SSNs are frequently entered incorrectly, and patient data frequently is entered with default values or is missing altogether.

However, an innovative new approach to patient matching called Referential matching enables healthcare organizations to forget about cleaning their data, and match and link patient records despite low quality identity data. This saves organizations time and money and allows them to develop complete health histories of their patients.

If you’re attending AHIMA16 in Baltimore, come hear Verato Founder and Chief Technology Officer Brent Williams discuss how Referential Matching technology allows providers to match and link patient records with significantly higher accuracy than existing technologies. Click here to learn more about the speaking session.

More information about the speaking session:
Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Time: 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM
Location: Rooms 321-323 of the Baltimore Convention Center