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Raising the Bar on Privacy and Security

Thought Leadership

Verato’s Office of the Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) is honored to oversee a rigorous information security and privacy program that raises the expectations for workforce, leadership, contractors, third-parties, vendors and customers with baseline standards and requirements that protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and systems. We are proud of our commitment to a dynamic risk assessment program, including regular privacy and security controls monitoring, workforce training, vulnerability management, vendor management, and compliance with all industry standards (i.e., PCI) and legislative requirements (i.e., GLBA, HIPAA). Verato’s certifications include EI3PA, PCI, HIPAA compliance, HITRUST and SOC II. To achieve such an advanced level of certification, the CPO drives Verato to maintain continual internal and external audit cycles throughout the course of the year, constantly monitoring our systems, workforce diligence and organizational performance in information security and privacy.

We are proactively committed to privacy and security of all systems that collect, process, store and exchange data, and are excited to see our customers doing the same. Verato maintains a trained privacy- and security-aware workforce, utilizes strong access controls and adheres to a commitment to protect all data at all times. We even use innovative system algorithms established on Privacy By Design principles to embed privacy throughout the entire data life cycle.

We strive every day to effectively and functionally provide the opportunity to make risk-informed decisions regarding integration and data exchanges. We are delighted to raise the bar collectively for all third-parties in assuring their organizational commitment to the same degree of information security and privacy excellence we uphold at Verato.