Verato Announces Blockchain Laboratory

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At Verato, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to help organizations improve their patient matching. So today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Blockchain Laboratory—the first ever technology lab dedicated to improving patient matching using blockchain.

We believe that blockchain—the distributed digital ledger technology underlying Bitcoin—has the ability to revolutionize the healthcare industry. And we want to be a part of that revolution.

To kick start our research and development, we’ve purchased thousands of blocks—including Lego blocks, Alphabet blocks, Jenga blocks, and more—and procured hundreds of miles of chain from the Home Depot. And we’ve stockpiled two tons of duct tape to hold it all together.

Once assembled, our plan is to intensely scrutinize the blockchain to try to determine how it operates and why it is so powerful. Afterwards, we will give the blockchain to our intern, who will drive around the country “distributing” it out of his car window. Our intern will also be responsible for safeguarding our “private key”—an old-fashioned iron door key he’s hidden somewhere in his car.

We believe in blockchain. But more importantly, we believe that all the hype around blockchain will make you read this April Fool’s Day blog post—which in turn will prompt you to learn more about our powerful Referential Matching technology, our cloud-based enterprise master patient index solution, and our simple plug-in that automatically finds and resolves missed matches and duplicate records in EHR, EMPI, and MDM technologies.

Happy April Fool’s Day!