Automatically resolve the duplicate records in your EHR, EMPI, or MDM

Your EHR, EMPI, or MDM has duplicate records. That’s a given. And these duplicate records cost you money. Verato Auto-Steward is a powerful cloud-based service that plugs into your EHR, EMPI, or MDM to automatically find and resolve its duplicate medical records and improve its patient matching using revolutionary Referential Matching technology. Verato Auto-Steward seamlessly integrates with any technology solution from any vendor including Epic®, Cerner®, IBM® Initiate, eClinicalWorks®, and Mirth®, and does not disrupt those technologies or your workflows.

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How it works

The power of Referential Matching in a simple cloud-based plug-in.

Referential Matching can find duplicates that EHRs, EMPIs, and MDMs can't
Superior matching

Referential Matching can find duplicates that EHRs, EMPIs, and MDMs can't

Referential Matching is a revolutionary new patient matching technology that can find and resolve duplicate records missed by EHR, EMPI, and MDM systems. Referential Matching combines big data and cloud technologies with sophisticated new algorithms and a reference database of demographic data that it leverages as an “answer key” during matching. This means it is a quantum leap more accurate than EHR, EMPI, and MDM technologies at finding and resolving duplicate records. But don’t take our word for it. Read the landmark report from The Pew Charitable Trusts that recommends organizations should use Referential Matching.

Seamlessly integrate with any EHR, EMPI, or MDM.
Seamless integrations. System agnostic.

Seamlessly integrate with any EHR, EMPI, or MDM.

Simply plug Verato Auto-Steward into your EHR, EMPI, or MDM to instantly improve its matching and resolve its duplicate records. You can integrate Verato Auto-Steward with any EHR, EMPI, or MDM, including those from vendors like Epic®, Cerner®, IBM®, Mirth®, eClinicalWorks®, or NextGate®. Read success stories here.

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Sample use cases

Use Verato Auto-Steward for...

Resolving "potential duplicates"

Verato Auto-Steward automatically resolves records flagged as “potential duplicates” by your EHR or EMPI.

MPI Cleanup

Verato Auto-Steward automatically finds and resolves all of the duplicate patient records in your EHR or EMPI.

Continuous detection

Verato Auto-Steward detects any time your EHR or EMPI misses a duplicate record or incorrectly matches two records.

Match supplementation

Verato Auto-Steward provides a unique identifier for each patient that you can use to supplement your EHR’s or EMPI’s matching.

Eliminate your queue

Verato Auto-Steward automatically processes your large and growing queue of duplicate records awaiting manual resolution.

Case Study

Learn how Northwell Health, New York's largest health system, eliminated duplicate patient records once and for all

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