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In this stressful time, our objective – to connect people with all the data about them – has never been more important. Connecting person data is central to the health and well-being of all of us, our economy, and our health system. To help do this, Verato wants to put referential matching into the hands of as many health systems, HIEs, and state agencies as possible. We are doing this with no compromise to quality and with minimal commercial overhead. So far, we are:

1. Improving the Ability to Associate COVID-19 Drive Through Test Results with the Right Person: Verato is partnering with HIEs to enable the routing of COVID-19 test results through Verato to improve routing of these thinly populated (DOB and Name only) test results; especially from drive-thru testing sites. Verato allows an HIE to identify the overlap between their existing patient population and the COVID-19 test results. HIEs also retrieve additional patient contact information from Verato’s person reference database which includes curated demographic data about 350M Americans and spans 30 years. With this data, people can be more easily contacted.

2. Enabling Cross Region COVID-19 Test Result Sharing with an On Demand Infectious Disease Registry: Verato established an On Demand Infectious Disease Registry that connects, stores, and organizes key information about infectious disease patients including lab result details, patient under investigation (PUI) identifiers, and patient demographics. Via this registry, patients can be matched to any other of their test results, no matter where or when they were tested. When on-boarding test results, an HIE participant can be alerted to a match from another HIE participant in real time while also seeding the data needed for future reporting and analytics. Verato HIE customers can leverage existing connectivity to participate; non-customer HIEs can be connected very quickly.

3. Helping Improve Person Vulnerable Population Outreach with Data Augmentation: Verato is working with DOH teams to facilitate proactive outreach to vulnerable citizens; e.g. senior citizens. We can offer this to any state or health organization.

4. De-duplicating Person Data to Enable Cross System Analytics: Verato UMPI and Verato Auto Steward automate resolution of duplicate person information across sources. These cloud-based solutions can be rapidly deployed or accessed in a temporary batch model.

5. Improving Telehealth with Verato Telehealth Identity Bridge: In preparation and response to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare delivery organizations are rapidly adopting and scaling telehealth capabilities. which often creates a disconnect between the EHR and Telehealth. Specifically, duplicate or disconnected records result when new telehealth account IDs do not match the MRN. To help, Verato is offering this Telehealth Identity Bridge at no charge to healthcare delivery organizations, health plans, and public health agencies. This service is rapidly deployable. There will be no costs incurred through 2020, and there will be no obligation during or after this period. Our top priority is ensuring that healthcare providers can quickly access necessary clinical histories, which is why we are rapidly responding with a patient record management solution.

If you are a health system, an HIE, or a state agency trying to make sense of person data to help in this fight against COVID-19, we can help. Contact us now to get started.

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