Verato Referential Matching, the Benchmark for Accuracy

Other matching approaches can no longer keep up with the volume and breadth of new data, from disparate new sources, and with varying degrees of quality. Verato Referential Matching was built to handle these new demands.

How Verato Referential Matching Works

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Verato curates a database of demographic data

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Then applies science like algorithms and machine learning

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This makes an “answer key” that drastically improves identity matching outcomes

The Benefits of Verato Referential Matching

Verato Referential Matching connects the right data to the right patients with the highest accuracy in the industry.


A More Complete Picture of Your Patients

Verato Referential Matching achieves the highest patient matching accuracy rates in the industry, even when faced with incorrect, inconsistent, or incomplete patient demographic data. So you can connect more of your data to the right patients.

Backed by Data

Comprehensive Reference Data, Built In

Verato Referential Matching leverages our proprietary reference database of commercially-sourced demographic data spanning the entire U.S. over a 30-year history. We use this database as an “answer key” during matching to more accurately connect your data to the correct patients.

Pre-Tuned Algorithms

Smart Probabilistic Algorithms, Pre-Tuned to Your Population

Verato Referential Matching technology uses smart probabilistic algorithms that have been pre-tuned to the entire U.S. population — and therefore require no tuning to match your unique population. This makes data integrations much faster and more seamless.

“Healthcare organizations should consider incorporating referential matching into their processes given that this approach has generated among the highest match rates currently published.”

The Pew Charitable Trusts
Hours of data science
Reference Identities
Queries resolved per day
Queries resolved all time

Verato Referential Matching Is a Technological Marvel

We spent millions of dollars and thousands of person-hours building Verato Referential Matching software from the ground up to solve healthcare’s most pressing data challenges. And we’re still innovating.


“Verato allows us to create a unified view of our consumers so we can connect people to the right care at the right time across our systems. We originally looked at Verato as an EMPI for our EDW, but we’re finding it has flexibility far beyond that use case, which allows us to be nimble across our initiatives.”

Vice President, Data Integration, large integrated health system


“Our partnership with Verato allows us to streamline patient matching despite the volume and variety of our patient data.”

Morgan Honea,



“Verato’s patient identity resolution delivers greater accuracy and ease.”

Geremy Gersh,

Vice President of Information Technology, GRIPA


“Partnering with Verato augments our existing patient matching capabilities and more efficiently provides clinicians with real-time health data.”

Valerie Grey,

Executive Director, NYeC


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