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Who is Becky? Introducing Verato eBook

Thought Leadership

Who is Becky? We wanted to create a story behind Becky who started off as an image on our website. We got to know her as health systems get to know their patients. She goes by a nickname, moves across states, gets married, and connecting her information should be easy.

Verato is proud to announce the release of this eBook From Patients to People, which explains how a next-generation enterprise master person index (EMPI) can help you quickly achieve a complete and actionable 360-degree patient view of people like Becky.

According to Michelle Blackmer, Verato’s VP of Marketing, the inspiration for the new eBook came from a conversation with Michael Parris, VP Data Integration at Texas Health Resources.

“Michael said he had built a data warehouse before and because he had done it before, he knew there were potential issues with matching person records across all the many different sources. He was very experienced in this type of project, and with that experience, he knew the requirement for an EMPI but one that would be easily scale with his ambitious goals – rapid deployment, API connectivity, and onboard new data fast. When we heard that, we knew not everyone would find Verato having had this same prior experience and would need to be educated about how and why this type of data management is foundational to connecting information at scale.”

Page 4 of the eBook illustrates the problem of inconsistent identities across systems. Your systems might not think Becky and Rebecca are the same person, which leads to a broken view. There’s a pragmatic way to do this though, in the cloud—making it readily accessible.

“People should read the eBook because it will help them find an easier way to solve this problem,” says Blackmer.

The eBook is designed for people in the data integration space and aims to help bridge the business and IT gap that they face, especially when thinking about how to help their internal customers understand more about their patients and how to treat them like people.

“Verato connects the dots when customers change addresses. For example, when moving from North Dallas to South Dallas, a patient might not want to continue traveling to their family physician’s office. Proactively armed with an accurate picture of each person, a health system can proactively suggest a nearby physician that is accepting new patients,” says Blackmer.

With a truthful and consistent 360-degree view of each person, organizations can confidently treat patients with a better understanding of every interaction. When you treat your patients like real people, you can provide a memorable health care experience.

To learn how Verato’s next generation master patient index (EMPI) can help you strengthen identity management, download our eBook today.

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