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Webinar: Why Patient Matching is your EHR’s Achilles’ Heel

Webinar: Improving Patient Matching in your EHR: A Case Study

Webinar: Finding a Solution to Healthcare’s Patient Matching Problem

Webinar: Crawl, Walk, Run: Three Real-World Patient Matching Case Studies

Webinar: 3 Strategies for Achieving Interoperability

Jun 27 2017

The future of healthcare in the US is based on an assumption that every health IT system can interoperate with every other health IT system—which would enable better care coordination and reduce costs. But how far along are we at actually achieving full interoperability and what can we do to get there?

Join our webinar with the eHealth Initiative to learn about:

  • The larger challenge and strategy of achieving interoperability
  • How one large health system is achieving interoperability within its own four walls
  • Strategies for achieving interoperability not just within an organization, but also between organizations, and with payers, HIEs, and state and federal health agencies
  • The newest frontier of interoperability—called “identity interoperability”—and counterintuitive ways that organizations can achieve it

Webinar: Why A National Patient Identifier Is Not The Answer

Jun 21 2017

Many health IT professionals believe a National Unique Patient Identifier (UPID) would solve the problems of patient identification and patient matching, but such an identifier is not the best solution.

Originally presented by Verato’s Founder and CTO Brent Williams at the 2017 CHIA Convention and Exhibit, this webinar will address:

  • The roots of the patient identification and patient matching problem
  • 7 critical challenges that make a UPID infeasible and an impractical solution to these problems
  • The challenges of implementing a UPID in the United States versus other countries that have already implemented one
  • Alternative solutions to the patient identification problem