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See the industry's first hMDM platform in action

We want to offer you a demo of the Verato Universal Identity™ platform, the cloud-based, next generation of MDM that ensures you get identity right from the start. You will see why Baptist Health, Health First and Healthix have made the switch from IBM® Initiate® and are glad they did.

“If you don’t have good patient matching, what’s the point of aggregating data? Without proper identity matching or identity data management, you’re building a house on an unstable foundation.”

– Todd Rogow, President & CEO, Healthix

Regenstrief Institute recently looked for evidence-based opportunities to improve the accuracy of data. It showed that referential matching yields superior results to traditional matching. With Verato’s unique referential matching technology, quick and easy unmatched accuracy is a given. Let us show you how we accomplish this.

The demo will explore your options to see how your MDM needs can be met painlessly to improve accuracy of your data, care quality and your bottom line — all backed by an easy 10-week migration path.

Get a demo of the Verato Universal Identity™ platform now.

Book your live demo!

BOOK A LIVE DEMO with our identity experts to learn about the key features of the platform and how to best leverage it for your growing identity needs. First we will have a 30-minute discovery call with you to discuss your needs and use cases so we can tailor the demo to best address what will be of value to your business. Then we’ll walk you through the features, workflows, and insights that will address your specific needs which may include:

  • Take action using dynamic dashboards and custom reports
  • Understand your patients and consumers as they engage with your enterprise across many different touchpoints
  • Understand your providers, the locations they practice at, the organizations they work for, and the relationships between all those entities
  • Have a robust, modern, and advanced stewardship interface that make collaboration and navigation much more intuitive for data stewards

Complete the form to meet with us and then see your demo! Creating a 360° view of your identities is possible!