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Pay-as-you-Grow Embedded Patient Matching as a Service

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Knowing exactly who a patient is, without actually having them directly in front of you, can be challenging for healthcare technology vendors. This is because 30% of patient demographic data is out of date, incorrect, or incomplete and an average of 18% of an organization’s medical records tend to be duplicated.1 Additionally, CHIME estimates that this mismatch rate skyrockets to 50% when organizations exchange data across systems. This lack of data integrity presents a challenge for healthcare tech vendors trying to accurately connect information about patients. As a result, we see health tech vendors who build their own master person index (MPI) run into the painful patient matching issues that plague healthcare organizations. Not only is this important, it is a testament to the fact that proactively addressing patient matching is a necessity.

These high duplicate record rates are leading to a groundswell of challenges. For example, unreliable patient matching erodes the impact of interoperability and patient engagement solutions. Notably, incorrect patient matching makes it impossible for a clinician to identify the opioid prescription holder who seeks another prescription. It prevents a PCP from receiving an ED Admission alert about a critically ill CHF patient, or a radiologist may perform an imaging test on someone that has already had an expensive MRI, ultrasound, X-Ray, etc.

To help health tech vendors ensure the right care makes it to the right people, we offer health tech vendors access to the Verato Universal® Master Person Index (MPI) as a service. Our next-generation solution is:

  • Cost effective. Notably, as vendor participants add customers to their portfolios, the cost per customer decreases.
  • Nimble. As they grow, technology vendors experience no maintenance overhead, the matching logic auto-tunes, and the system auto-scales to continue optimized, high-performance matching.
  • Collaborative. System integration is simple with Verato’s modern RESTful APIs. These APIs are accessible and broadly understood. With easy to consume documentation, the APIs are optimized for developer-driven testing and implementation.
  • Supportive. The technology has been proven to support the largest HIEs, health plans, and health systems in the country. The Verato Universal MPI is a multi-tenant, cloud-based solution that has passed the rigorous HITRUST security certification and leverages Verato pioneered Referential Matching℠ technology.
  • Flexible. Pay-as-you-grow licensing lets vendors stay focused on delivering unique value instead of attempting to build patient matching infrastructure.

Verato is centrally focused on solving the problems that our customers have faced with other matching solutions. We help tech vendors save precious development resources and empower them to stay on top of changing demands and be better prepared for the future. By simply plugging in to our, the entire market benefits from our informed product development. We’ve designed and modified the Verato Universal MPI to specifically address challenges unique to the healthcare industry because we believe that every healthcare stakeholder should know who patients are—across enterprise, regional, and statewide initiatives.

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