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ADVault is First to Join Partner Program: “Powered by Verato”

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McLean, VA and Dallas, TX — June 5, 2019 — Verato®, a leading provider of cloud-based patient matching, today announced that digital advance care planning company, ADVault, Inc., is the first partner in its new Powered by Verato (PBV) program. The program offers healthcare technology firms a next-generation patient matching solution that is highly accurate, secure, cost-effective, and easy to implement—all as a utility—using the Verato Universal MPI for patient matching.

“Verato recognizes that patient matching is very often a critical component to other healthcare software solutions, but it is very complex software to build,” said Mark LaRow, CEO of Verato. “Healthcare solution providers don’t want to dedicate dozens of developers and identity experts to create their own patient matching algorithms. Instead, they need to focus their energy and resources on core solution functionality. That’s why Verato offers a cloud-based, API-accessible, Universal MPI, and the new Powered By Verato program. It helps healthcare software companies get to market faster and more confidently with world-class patient matching functionality.”

“Successfully disrupting healthcare by empowering consumers all over the world takes strategic partnerships with industry innovators that can handle our scale and need for security,” said ADVault’s CEO Jeff Zucker. “Most importantly we wanted a partner who is also committed to helping people live with confidence that they have a voice in their care—even if they are in a health emergency and can’t speak. After reviewing a variety of options, we feel that Mark and the Verato team are best able to respond to our growth and unique client demands.”

ADVault is the creator of the MyDirectives platform, the first global, free-to-consumer cloud service allowing people to digitize their healthcare goals by creating a digital advance care plan or uploading an advance care plan, advance directive or portable medical order. ADVault’s enterprise services team works with health plans, health providers and medical record partners to help doctors access those documents when necessary so people can have their voice heard in their care. ADVault’s partnership with Verato helps expand secure identity matching so care teams have seamless access in the medical record.

“Given the growing importance of digital advance care plans and the sophisticated technical requirements involved, we initiated a careful review of patient matching options,” said Scott Brown, President of ADVault. “Verato’s next-generation referential matching architecture operates at the scale and accuracy we need. We already share a number of overlapping clients. We are proud to join Verato’s PBV as its first partner.”

“We believe every healthcare technology vendor should have simple and cost-effective access to world-class patient matching—because patient safety is at stake,” said Rachel Blum, Director of Business Development at Verato. “That’s why we created a patient matching utility and program for them to plug into with an easy on-ramp, instead of risking patient safety with subpar, home-grown matching algorithms. Verato is passionate about, and strives to continue providing, patient matching solutions that are integral to the goals of innovative health vendors who put patients first, create better care experiences, and provide a healthier future for all.”

ADVault’s product director Mike Munoz, said:“Verato has been responsive, transparent and honest—exactly how we commit to act with our clients.”

About ADVault

With consumer users in over 40 countries, MyDirectives®, a service of Dallas, Texas-based ADVault, Inc., is the world’s leading all-digital advance care planning platform. MyDirectives lets people create, store, update and share the free MyDirectives digital advance care plan or upload any third-party digital or paper-based digital advance care plan, advance medical directive or POLST document. Additional information can be found at or this TEDx Talk.

About Verato

Verato offers a cloud-based matching platform that links and matches identities across disparate sources with the highest accuracy rates in the industry. Verato leverages an extensive self-learning database of U.S. identities as a reference, or universal answer key. And because it is cloud-based, the Verato platform is less expensive, faster to implement, and more scalable than traditional matching technology. Verato is based in McLean, VA. For more information visit