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Meet Our Data Analyst: Omar Ramirez

Just for Fun

This week I am featuring data analyst, Omar Ramirez, who is working towards completing his AWS certification which helps advance the Amazon Partner Network status for Verato.

Which AWS Technologies do you work most closely with?

“I daily use data stored in our S3 and process it using the computation power of EC2 instances, which I find very convenient, easy to use and manage, and most importantly, they allow us to easily store, access, and work with our data in a very safe way.”

Which AWS certification will you take next?

“I am currently taking a course to prepare for the Machine Learning Specialty Certification which I’d like to get by end of the year. I am sure it will bring much value to both the team and me.”

What do you like most about your job?

“Verato is dedicated to healthcare, our mission is very inspiring, and I get to work with the most modern technologies and architectures; I can pursue projects that help improve healthcare interoperability while fostering my own professional development. I also like that I get to work on things that I am most passionate about: Data Analysis, Machine Learning and programming. Finally, I love Verato’s culture. Everyone in the company is great, always willing to help and very fun to hang out with.”

What does a typical day look like?

“We start each day with a 15-20 minute standup. In accordance with the Agile SCRUM methodology. Then, it’s common that I spend at least half the day working closely a team mate to move high priority stories forward.”

What is the most interesting problem you’ve solved?

“I worked for about two months on a project to test, analyze and tune Verato Referential Matching rules. The outcome of this project along with so many other improvements are now being implemented to in the next version of our reference database that supports Verato Universal MPI. It is very exciting to see the big impact of this project.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“I love outdoor sports, hiking, running, swimming and recently I got my open waters diving certification. I also enjoy spending time with my friends, going out to the movies, and barbecuing with my friends.”

What is your favorite Oreo flavor?

“Definitely choco chip, I don’t think there is any better flavor.”