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The Value of Modernizing Your MDM for IBM® Initiate® Customers

Thought Leadership

If you use IBM® Initiate® as your MDM or EMPI, your organization is not an exception. You are spending millions of dollars a year on hardware, maintenance, upgrades, and algorithmic tuning cycles. And you either have a large staff reviewing and resolving potential duplicates, or you have thousands or millions of duplicates accumulating without any plan to resolve them. Left unresolved, these duplicates drastically impact your organization’s operations, business results, and ability to provide exceptional service to your patients, members, or customers. 

A new way to manage healthcare data

Healthcare Master Data Management (hMDM) represents a reimagined approach to data management tailored to the needs of healthcare organizations. This next generation solution integrates the benefits and functionality of EMPI, MDM, provider data management, and data enrichment solutions into a unified platform – something health IT leaders must adopt if they are to meet today’s exceedingly complex healthcare demands. 

As Aaron Miri, SVP and CDIO at Baptist Health explains, “Having that master patient index and understanding who really is Aaron and what records belong to Aaron has always been important to Baptist. What we needed to do was take it to the next level to tie it back to some of the quantitative and qualitative data that goes into our CRM system and other systems, so that we truly can follow Aaron across the care continuum.” 

A seamless migration from IBM Initiate 

JP Lugo, a Verato identity expert and former IBM solutions architect, also believes strongly in the advantages of a cloud-native MDM solution built for healthcare. His video series on the benefits of migrating to the Verato Universal Identity™ platform, highlights unique attributes like the ability to deploy within a matter of weeks, quick, seamless integration with your data, and next-level functionality to help drive important initiatives. 

Healthcare’s first hMDM

In his first video in the series, JP outlines how the Verato cloud-native hMDM platform leverages an unparalleled nationwide dataset and AI technology to resolve, manage, and enrich healthcare identities.

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Rich Insights

He further explains how to unlock the power of your data with Verato insights, including user-friendly dashboards and reports that provide unprecedented visibility into your identity solution.

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Referential Matching

Referential Matching advances your identity data using an unparalleled set of algorithms and data science built specifically for healthcare. Hear as .JP outlines the benefits of Verato Referential Matching, a quantum leap forward in building a complete person record within disparate sources. 

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Advanced Stewardship

Through Advanced Stewardship, JP details how you can prioritize and optimize HIM work with smart task queues, automatically detect and resolve overlays, manage performance with dynamic stewardship analytics embedded in the UI, and manage your data efficiently with intuitive workflow support. Watch now 

Match tiers

Health systems often have multiple data bases with patients’ clinical and consumer data, such as EHRs and CRMs. JP describes how Match Tiers allows your siloed data sources to be layered and matched without impacting higher quality patient data.

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Provider Enrichment

Missing contact information, NPI numbers, licensing information, taxonomy, or other critical provider data? Hear the unique benefits of augmenting your records with Verato provider data for a true 360-degree view of your providers.

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Help your organization modernize

For a deeper dive into the MDM solution that Baptist Health selected to replace IBM Initiate, watch this demo webinar. Or book a 1:1 live demo with our identity experts to learn about the key features of the platform and how to best leverage it for your organization’s growing identity needs.