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Thanksgiving puns are the worst

Just for Fun

Is your EHR or enterprise master patient index (EMPI) stuffed with duplicate records and dirty data?

Do you suffer from a parade of “potential duplicate records” that need to be manually reviewed to be resolved?

Do you have the fowl task of re-tuning your EMPI’s algorithms every time you connect a new data source?

Is your EMPI gobbling up your budget, and is your EMPI vendor making gravy from maintenance and upgrade costs? Do you not have money leftover to spend on more critical projects and IT initiatives?

Tighten your (budgetary) belt with the Verato Universal™ MPI, a HITRUST-certified SaaS EMPI solution that:

  • Is fast and easy to deploy
  • Has no maintenance or upgrade costs
  • Doesn’t require algorithm tuning
  • Uses a Referential Matching approach that is a quantum leap more accurate than convention EMPI matching technologies.

These are no paltry feats (poultry feast?).

And best of all, if you already have an EMPI — or if you are using your EHR’s built-in MPI module for patient matching — you don’t have to quit it cold turkey. You can plug in Verato Auto-Steward™ to your EHR or EMPI to automatically find and resolve its missed matches and duplicate records using Referential Matching technology.

That’s as sweet as pumpkin pie.