Empower Your HIE With Accurate, Flexible Patient Matching

As healthcare becomes more interconnected, you are even more essential. Yet solving patient matching at scale across diverse geographies and disparate participants is an immense challenge. Verato is here to help.


Accurate Patient Matching Powers HIEs’ Core Services

As the cornerstone for interoperability, your core services are critical for healthcare improvement and offer significant value to health plans, providers, and patients. But interoperability depends on connecting the right data to the right patients — no matter where or when they receive care.

“It is important to realize that most healthcare information systems employ basic algorithm matching techniques — and only identify 10% – 40% of the existing duplicate records.”

American Health Information Management Association

Why Verato Is the Best Choice for HIEs

Unlike other patient matching solutions, Verato is cloud native for quick time to value, and our attention to data security is second to none.
Proven Matching
Only our Verato Referential Matching technology provides unprecedented accuracy even at HIE scale — so you can focus on your value-add services, not MPI maintenance.
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Lower Cost of Ownership
By delivering patient matching through the cloud, you save on hardware, upgrades, maintenance, and tuning — so you can invest more in delivering value.
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Certified HIPAA Compliance
We offer the only HIPAA-certified master person index services — so you can rest assured data is secure.
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Commercial-Grade Expertise
With our extensive experience in supporting HIEs, we understand your business and your challenges — we tailor your deployment to fit your needs.
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“[Verato] ensures that health data is being correctly linked to the medical records for the millions of patients across our health information exchange.”

Phyllis D. Szymanski,

Director, ClinicalConnect HIE 


“Verato’s next-generation approach solves the matching challenges associated with our unique patient population.”

Genaro Garza,

Director of IT, RGV HIE


“Partnering with Verato augments our existing patient matching capabilities and more efficiently provides clinicians with real-time health data.”

Valerie Grey,

Executive Director, NYeC


“Our partnership with Verato allows us to streamline patient matching despite the volume and variety of our patient data.”

Morgan Honea,



“With Verato, we were able to decrease the number of records that were similar — but not close enough to be joined — by nearly 50%.”

Michael Berger,

Chief Information Officer, CRISP