Get to Know Your Members Through Better Identity Resolution

With new data sources, regulatory requirements, and digital engagement strategies, it is harder than ever to improve member experiences. Verato helps you elevate your member satisfaction through improved identity resolution.


Accurate Data Aligns Care, Claims, & Satisfaction

You work hard to understand all of the elements that impact your members’ health. Accurate identity resolution helps you achieve this complete member understanding across plans, providers, and populations.

“Care coordination is the most important criteria impacting health plan members’ satisfaction. However, just 25 percent of survey participants said their health insurance companies met their standards.”

J. D. Power 2019 Member Satisfaction Survey

Improve Your Member Understanding

Verato is purpose-built for healthcare, and is secure and flexible enough to fit into any environment to connect information about members.
Reveal Trusted Insights
By accurately connecting member information, you can trust insights about business drivers, predict what is coming, and avoid disruption.
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Create Better Member Experiences
Members expect transparency and convenience. Accurate member matching connects the data necessary to deliver personalized experiences at every touchpoint.
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Streamline Mergers & Acquisitions
During M&A, every health plan needs reliable member matching to efficiently integrate systems and communicate member histories.
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Ultimate Flexibility
Deploy Verato as an identity resolution service for any member 360 initiative requiring segmentation, targeting, and quick time to value.
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“[Verato is] enabling us to harness this data to help drive better patient care outcomes and lower costs across the state of Colorado.”

Morgan Honea,



“We were drawn to the Verato Universal MPI not just because of the accuracy of its Referential Matching approach, but also by how quickly and easily it can be plugged into our existing infrastructure.”

Martin Howard,

Chief Information Officer, Axia Women’s Health


“Partnering with Verato augments our existing patient matching capabilities …to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.”

Valerie Grey, Executive Director, NYeC


“[Verato] ensures that health data is being correctly linked to the medical records for the millions of patients across our health information exchange.”

Phyllis D. Szymanski,

Director, ClinicalConnect HIE


With Verato, we were able to decrease the number of records that were similar, but not close enough to be joined, by nearly 50%.

Michael Berger, Chief Information Officer, CRISP